Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors

Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors

Handcrafted in Italy, Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors are a pair of high-quality carbon-steel scissors that provide salon-quality brow grooming. The tapered, ultra-thin blades deliver precise, straight trimming.

Why You'll Love It
- Unlike a round-tipped blade, this straight blade allows you to trim brow hairs in a precise straight line for pro-quality grooming
- Durable carbon-steel blades stay sharp and won't dull
- Features coated grips for control
- Tip of the blade is microscopically rounded and designed to not cut the skin
- Ideal size for precise grooming and maximum control

How To Apply
- Using the spoolie end of any Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush, comb brow hairs upward.
- Then, using light pressure, place your index finger on top of the brow to reveal the hairs that need to be trimmed (this helps ensure that your don't over-trim).
- Using the Scissors, trim brow hairs exposed above your finger.